Sunday, 17th Nov.


Honey Badger Don’t Care

No honey badger. Nobody likes that guy!

Baking Disaster

No Candy Sign for Halloween

To get in the spirit, here is a little gift from me to you. For all those, like me, who do not wish for people to be knocking for candy on Halloween night.… Continue reading

Nutella Crepe Cake – Bee Cake

Happy birthday to me. I decided to make a cake this year, I just really wanted a Nutella cake. I had to feed a few non cake eaters tonight, so this was a… Continue reading

The Cupcake Crusader is in trouble!

Fill in the blanks so we can all find out what the Cupcake Crusader is going to do.

Custard Tarts

Today I made some Custard Tarts. I’ve never tried them before, so I decided to give them a go. I used this recipe here These were very fun to make. ┬áIt’s not a… Continue reading

Orange and Almond Cake

Tonight I whipped up an Orange and Almond Cake on a whim. I used a recipe from Taste which you can get the recipe here. I used a cake template for the icing… Continue reading

Gardening Update

Hi WordPress people, Just a quick update on my little gardening adventure. I’ve now set up my veggie patch for spring. New items: carrots, spring onion, rosemary, garlic chives, dill, tomatoes, basil, parsley.… Continue reading

Snails in the Garden

The last few days have had a fair amount of rain and I’m having nightly wars with the slugs and snails. A Salting them. Today’s sunny day inspired me to stay outside. And… Continue reading