Irk Worthy Design

Yesterday I opened my mail, to my delight, to find my new full license!
Quite an exciting event for me, since I’ve waited for my license ever since
I paid for my renewal.

On close inspection to the new updated design, to my horror, I saw what every designer fears most.
The dissolve filter. Yes, the dissolve filter around my photo…

The design capital of Australia and we’re using filters on our identification documents.
It’s seriously an outrage. I feel nausea.

I understand it’s all about protecting identity and making it hard to recreate, I know my little rant makes no sense.
But at least everyone will know that I’ll always feel a little queasy holding my license in my purse.

My usual ranting doesn’t just stop at driver’s licenses. Just for future reference, if you ever wanted to know. If i could go back in time and change anything, it would be to eradicate the typeface Comic Sans and Papyrus

Thanks for listening