Here is a poster i entered for a competition for AGDA


There is a possibility that the future of design will be bleak. Those doubts of the future are current within us. Design of the future is in the hands of the design student. Can designers of today trust the young? This poster shows optimism for the future, even though there is doubt. With trust in students of design, these doubts can become positive. If the designers and studios of today invest, support, encourage and teach good design practices to the future designers, there will be hope that design will flourish and improve.

The typography used in this poster is Gotham, created in 2000 by Hoefler & Feres-Jones. With the notion of trust and stability in mind, a typeface that referenced architecture, signage and these values featured in the design were needed. Gotham was an obvious choice for the design as it does show stability and structure but is very clean and refined. Gotham was created to reference the type of architectural signage, which gained popularity in the mid twentieth century. This simplified poster design also references the New Typography movement.

In such a bleak period of pirated design, in the age of the ugly, we need trust in the future.