It’s been awhile

Hello fellow bloggers and avid readers,

I apologise for the lack of updates and new design work.

Sadly there has been no new work to publish.

On a more personal note, to catch you up on recent(ish) events, I have been working since February of this year at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne as a production manager. Currently I am working exclusively with National Australia Bank. The experience has been quite illuminating to say the least and I have learnt a multitude! I couldn’t be happier working with Clemenger, especially since I have been following their work for quite some years.

However, working in production is a two edged sword, working closely with engaging design and not being able to contribute artistically. On the other hand I am glad to be part of the process and using my skills to ensure the job gets done.

Who knows, maybe one day I will be living the dream and finally be a graphic designer or even more. I couldn’t have my foot in a better door.

I will endeavor to bring you more design or even fine art in the near future when I find inspiration and time.

I will also be available for small scale freelance work. Feel free to contact me via this blog

Kind regards 🙂