All Active Martial Arts – Identity

It has been almost a month since I last posted anything here on this blog.

And no, I wasn’t taking a break. Nor was I limited in inspiration over the weeks.

I haven’t been creating as much as I wish I was, but I have been concentrating on a particular project for some months now, and I finally have something to show for it.

I may have mentioned, in passing, about an identity I have been working on for All Active Martial Arts.

I am currently training in the discipline of Zen Do Kai and I enjoy it thoroughly. There is something beautiful about the form of the human body, especially in the act of defense. And there is nothing wrong with a few sparring sessions to melt away the frustrations of a hard day at the office either.

Before I get off topic however, below is the current re-brand of the dojo. There may be tweaks to this design in the future. I’m not quite happy with the blue I have used as of yet. The most important thing about this identity, is that it had to cover more then one discipline of martial art, as the dojo covers multiple forms and not to show one discipline above the other.