Weekend Wreaths

This weekend was the start of the silly season. Most of us have already put up our festive decorations by now, some impatiently, long before the 1st of December.

After the decorations were put up, I decided a little weeding and general care was needed in the garden.

All these cuttings I accumulated gave me some inspiration.

Here is a project you can try yourself next weekend. It is a great way to be crafty with trimmings that will only go into the bin anyway. It is also a great gift to give this season.

Three Christmas Wreaths in one weekend.


When creating a Christmas wreath out of real cuttings from your garden, ensure you use greenery that will have a long life after cutting. I have a bay leaf tree which is quickly taking over the garden. Bay leaves are a great option for making a Christmas wreath. Not only will they last the season, but you can dismantle the wreath later and use the leaves!

When laying the leaves on the wreath, overlap as much as possible to hide your metal ring and try not to leave gaps.

You can pick up small baubles and the fake foam berries from your local craft store.


Another approach you can take is pictured above. This wreath was made using a metal wire coat hanger which has been, patiently, bent into a circle.

The foliage I have used is soft with a touch of silver. This may be a Woolly Bush, but please correct me if I am wrong.

The decorations I have used for this wreath were all sourced using broken and tattered Christmas decorations. This wreath is 100% recycled.


For my last wreath I have ditched my metal circle all together and have made a wreath out of bundles of dead branches and twigs. Creating a stick wreath like this is great if you want your wreath to be more permanent. However they are delicate and messy and may not last too long with rough handling.

Stay crafty everybody!