As my gaze falls on your glazed expression

As my gaze falls on your glazed expression,
I cannot deny that any word I uttered
Was lost the instant I voiced a response.
As you prattle along your incessant prose,
You call upon me to reason your latest dilemma.
No word, nor sound I cry matters, alas, no
Statement of mine has penetrated your thoughts.

I ponder, what worth can I bestow mine words?
I could commit a farce and proclaim, in jest,
No ailment shall blush the people once more, likewise,
Feline and canine are brethren forevermore!
Such an absurd decree should evoke a chortle,
Perhaps disgust at least manifest on your guise.

The instant I am certain lucidity is in thine sight.
I query, ‘To what did I say this very moment?’
Puzzled, you declare you are too weary to persist
And cannot recall mine words expressed earlier.
What value shall I award mine words? It is imperative I know.
For a word, not heard, builds not favour to the orator.
The endeavour to draw breath is merely in vain.

And yet, twain we are damned in this our fate,
Each exchange a miscommunication.
You apprehend a reply that you prefer,
At times you covet no words, nor sound, at all!
I beseech you now, can I glance just once,
Some recognition that I am in your presence?

Copyright Jessica Salzone 2012