Cast off seaside

Evening neared, abandoned for a day, I had
To amuse myself whilst cast off seaside.
As I stroll along the shore, I decide
The pier is acceptable for this solitary night.
So I sat upon a bench to observe the tide.

A chance to rest my weary feet and attend
The gentle crush of sea meeting shore. Embracing
Coast and gathering it into her bosom.
Fisherman, lovers and tourists to study. A time,
however brief, to spare for my own leisure.

I ponder awhile upon the sea. To some
she is also mother of all, as life is but naught
without her presence. We left her cool embrace,
To thrive upon land, but still she nurtures us.
Gazing upon her I drift for a day, peace.

The tourists stroll, cameras draped upon them.
The lovers, lost in each other as the world passes by.
The fisherman, with a frown packs up for the day.
I leave my thoughts, as the night grows cold, and depart
From my post to retire for the night.

As I stride along I find, the night
Was not one deserted nor without.
I am alone, but I was not left wanting.
I ask, could you be happy with another,
If you rely on they for your own happiness?

Copyright Jessica Salzone 2012