Thank you and Happy New Year

What can I say? It’s been an excellent year. I truly feel that I’ve unstoppered the spout of my creative mind and embraced it. And I am thankful. I spent a long time with my pens and papers gathering dust.

If I have to thank anyone personally, that would be everyone at Confest during the Easter festival. There, with only notepad and a biro, I started to draw. Surrounded by art, music, spirituality and most of all the people who encourage and inspire. Thank you Sam for being my drawing buddy and who coerced me to use my notepad and pen.

During this time I will be returning to Confest. And it’s going to be a hot one. I’ll make sure to bring my proper drawing equipment. I’ll be under the chai tent, pen in hand.

I look forward to sharing the results.

Till next time.

Have an excellent New Year. Full of new beginnings, health, family and friends.