Raspberry and Strawberry Meringue Parfait Trifle

Whenever I find myself in the kitchen, it is because I am having a spontaneous urge to create something.
Usually I’ll bake or cook something.
Today I felt like creating something pretty to look at, but dead easy to make.

When I’m being spontaneous, I don’t measure.

Here are the ingredients I used.
(Note: Vanilla essence and not included in the photo but was used in this recipe.)



  • I crushed the strawberries, mixed with a little icing sugar.
  • Whipped up some cream, added vanilla essence and icing sugar to taste. I folded in some yoghurt, to taste.
  • I crushed up a packet of pavlova nests.
  • Then assemble.
  • I layered with the cream mixture first, all the strawberry mixture, crushed meringue then the remaining cream mixture.
  • Decorate! Have fun. I used raspberries and crushing meringue really fine to be used like icing sugar.

I think a trifle with shaved white chocolate on top would be delicious.
Use what fruit you have, be creative.
If you don’t like meringue you can use store bought cakes or a sweet biscuit like a sponge finger.
Add some liquor and make it a little adult.

Try to do a better job of cleaning then I did

Photo 2-10-13 3 42 03 PM
Might actually be a good recipe for Christmas Dessert.
But really, It’s October! Let’s not think too far ahead.

Photo 2-10-13 3 42 10 PM
Be inspired and more importantly, have fun with it.