Carnival Night

There is a game I like to play with some of my friends.
Musicians like to ‘Jam’ together, and I like to do something similar with my art.
I’ll grab my pens, graphite and some paper and I’ll draw for them.

These drawings are always completely random and turn out very surreal.
I’ll ask them for me to draw the first thing they come up with and I will build from that.
Asking questions along the way and adding my own ideas if they are a bit stuck and to ensure there is a story to the piece.
After we have a good laugh, and I get all the ideas down, I’ll either give them the drawing we came up with, or take it home and finish the piece and fully render it.

This is one of those drawings that my friend Brit and I brainstormed the night before last.

I did a few preliminary sketches to get the composition right. I then inked the piece. Transferred it to my PC and finished the colouring in Photoshop.

Brit loved the results, and I hope you do too.

Note: Don’t ask me why but my friend’s usually end up being fairly morbid with their decisions, with all the zombies and such. Hopefully one day they’ll come up with something kid friendly…
But I doubt it 🙂