My First Gardening Adventure

I was never one to get involved in the garden. All I was ever interested in was reaping the harvest for my cooking.
But over the last couple of days, I’m finding myself toiling away for hours, ridding the place of weeds. Well most of them.
And as I’m weeding, I’m seeing some sad looking crops and a lot of empty spaces.

The herb garden is almost empty, some sad looking parsley holds strong among the weeds.
Years ago, a hail storm destroyed our glass patio table, which we now use as a raised herb planter.
The pots are cracking and brittle. No herbs. The table is bare, it looks like rubbish in the garden.

So, of course I’ll need to go out and get some herbs to get my garden back into shape.
But the table looks boring, I want to hide the frame a bit more which will show through the gaps between the pots.
In a spurt of enthusiasm I went out and bought four new pots, some good quality soil and six strawberry plants.

Photo 30-09-13 5 46 19 PM Photo 30-09-13 5 46 28 PM Photo 30-09-13 5 46 38 PMPhoto 30-09-13 5 46 05 PM

Let’s hope they grow big and wonder around a little. Finger’s crossed. Here starts another adventure.