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Sunday, 17th Nov.


Honey Badger Don’t Care

No honey badger. Nobody likes that guy!

Baking Disaster

The Cupcake Crusader is in trouble!

Fill in the blanks so we can all find out what the Cupcake Crusader is going to do.

Snails in the Garden

The last few days have had a fair amount of rain and I’m having nightly wars with the slugs and snails. A Salting them. Today’s sunny day inspired me to stay outside. And… Continue reading

Carnival Night

There is a game I like to play with some of my friends. Musicians like to ‘Jam’ together, and I like to do something similar with my art. I’ll grab my pens, graphite… Continue reading

Attention Musicians

40’s – 50’s Chicago Blues Swing Dancing Event

Happy Father’s Day

It is now a well known fact in my family, that I will never buy a greeting card for any family events. I will always make them. Father’s Day is no different. I… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Sunshine

Made my mum a birthday card for her birthday tomorrow. He was just so sunny I decided to share him. Maybe he’ll cheer you up? I don’t know…