Happy Birthday Sunshine

Made my mum a birthday card for her birthday tomorrow. He was just so sunny I decided to share him. Maybe he’ll cheer you up? I don’t know… Advertisements

Spanikopita Pie

I made an attempt at this Spanakopita recipe below. I fiddled with the recipe a little, especially in regards to the style of the bake. There are many things I would change, especially… Continue reading

Amaretti biscuits

Here is a lovely batch of Amaretti biscuits. The recipe is here if you want to make them at home. As I was waiting for the biscuits to bake I also wrote out… Continue reading

Random Doodle

Don’t be concerned if you are confused by this one. I don’t have a clue what is going on…


Hi there peeps! Here is a little piece that I had random inspiration for. This is on A2 Cartridge paper using soft pastel and workable mat fixative. Enjoy  


Another soft pastel drawing. This one will be for my mother. Hopefully she likes it 🙂


My sister’s mother in law is in the hospital at the moment. The car accident was very rough on her. Hopefully she’ll enjoy this piece. I’ll be giving this to her tomorrow 🙂… Continue reading

Smokin Sam – on the move

Here is a work in progress. We just need to get this beauty printed and we are ready to go. I will update with the final mocked up artwork for you to see… Continue reading

Thank you and Happy New Year

What can I say? It’s been an excellent year. I truly feel that I’ve unstoppered the spout of my creative mind and embraced it. And I am thankful. I spent a long time… Continue reading

Cherry Blossom – Grey

Here is a variation on my cherry blossom work. I used my ink and copic marker piece, scanned it, then edited it in Photoshop. Enjoy