As my gaze falls on your glazed expression

As my gaze falls on your glazed expression, I cannot deny that any word I uttered Was lost the instant I voiced a response. As you prattle along your incessant prose, You call… Continue reading

Life Drawing Class – Part 1

For the past few months I have been doodling away and experimenting with different mediums. Its been a great period to explore my art and to really focus my attentions to it. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

Weekend Wreaths

This weekend was the start of the silly season. Most of us have already put up our festive decorations by now, some impatiently, long before the 1st of December. After the decorations were… Continue reading

Fruit Bowl

  Continuing on with my experimentation of introducing colour to my line art pieces. This is a fruit bowl which I first illustrated using water resistant pigment ink on watercolour paper. I then… Continue reading


I’ve been working on this piece for the last few days. It was a bit of fun between my identity work that I have been doing. Nearly finished that, but in the mean… Continue reading


I’ve missed a lot of work from my portfolio from 2010. Here is another project. We had to design an annual report for a organisation of our choice. I chose Australian Conservation Foundation.… Continue reading


I know not all these animals are from Africa, but here is the last post of my day at the zoo. Enjoy


Yesterday I posted some shots of the butterflies from the zoo. As I mentioned before I had a lot of fun taking these, but I admit, photography isn’t my strong point. The Primates… Continue reading

Vibe – Packaging

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some design. And then I remembered that I never posted my last year of my Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. So here is a Packaging project… Continue reading