Neu Gallery Packaging

Here is a continuation of the Neu Gallery brand identity. These are pictures of a jewelry box i made for the brand. The inspiration behind this was an australian hand made theme. I… Continue reading

Irk Worthy Design

Yesterday I opened my mail, to my delight, to find my new full license! Quite an exciting event for me, since I’ve waited for my license ever since I paid for my renewal.… Continue reading

Post Happy

G’day, Sorry about the multiple posts, don’t worry, from now on I’ll keep you updated on my work when I finish it, not all at once. Feel free to go through the tag… Continue reading

Neu Gallery

Neu Gallery is a brief for a jewlry studio similar to eg etal, showcasing local artists from Australia. With this work I focused on a more hands on style with handwritten typography. I… Continue reading

Runway Revolution

For this brief we were to create an invitation and poster for the upcoming fashion parade. The work is very strong and vibrant, reminiscent of a russian propaganda poster. This invite is designed… Continue reading

Indiana Jones

It’s quite a lot of fun getting your friend to dress up like an incredibly tall Indiana Jones in the city! Here is a campaign for the city of melbourne. These photos are… Continue reading

Pour Faire

This is a magazine that I created about Power tools… Here is a few spreads that I like. This is my own photography. Sorry about the trim lines

Hip To Be Square

It’s Hip To Be Square! This brief was for a new tv show that would be produced by PeakView. In this documentary, they’d follow nerds from all over the world. This is the… Continue reading

Peakview Logo

In this brief we were to create a logo for a production studio called PeakView. In these two options I went through seperate definitions of the prodcution company’s titile. Firstly the obvious sound… Continue reading

VU Diary Cover

This was a brief for Victoria University, where I currently attend. In this brief we were to create two options for a diary cover along with a poster. The ideas are pretty out… Continue reading